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It is in the gastrointestinal tract of the final host that sexually mature females and males of anisakid parasitize.

Intermediate hosts can be freshwater and saltwater fish, crayfish, mollusks. There are also additional hosts of anisakids that can be carriers of larvae - a number of marine fish - sea bass, cod, flounder, hake, sea trout, mackerel, capelin and many others.

Herring is a source of anisakides contamination. Development cycle of anisakid. After fertilization, the eggs are released into the environment, namely into water bodies.

Here, larvae emerge from the eggs, which get to intermediate hosts (mollusks, crustaceans, some fish), in the body of which both simple larvae and cysts (larvae surrounded by a capsule) can be found. The invasiveness of Erectile dysfunction pills larvae reaches up to 1000 per fish. Larvae reach a length of up to 3-4 cm, have a pale yellowish appearance, sometimes with browndark shade (depending on the type of pathogen). Cysts are rounded formations (larvae are located in them in the form of a spiral) with a translucent capsule around.

Infected larvae are the muscles of fish, internal organs (liver and gallbladder, intestines), body cavities of the hosts. Definitive hosts become infected by eating small fish, crustaceans and molluscs, invasive anisakid larvae. After catching fish, the larvae from the digestive system very quickly penetrate into the internal and musculature, and therefore the early cutting of freshly caught fish is very important (see prevention).

After eating invasive fish and seafood larvae, the larvae penetrate the mucous membrane of the stomach, small and large intestines, and sometimes the pharynx. A sexually mature individual does not develop, the duration of the invasion lasts from several weeks to 3 months.

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    It is possible to develop intestinal obstruction due to formed granulomas, as well as perforation of ed pills wall with the development of peritonitis.
Sensitization of the body by the waste products of anisakid (similar to the action in toxocariasis) - an allergic reaction of the body, manifested in the form of urticaria, toxic-allergic edema, bronchospasm.

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Clinical symptoms of anisakiasis. The incubation period (the period from the moment of Erectile Dysfunction Medication to the appearance of the first complaints) can be up to 1-2 weeks. The entire clinical picture is largely determined by the location of the larvae. At the beginning of the disease, when they are in the intestinal lumen, there may be no symptoms.


The gastric form of anisakiasis (the introduction of larvae into the wall of the stomach) is the most common. Patients complain of pain in the epigastric region (region of the stomach), often acute, intermittent, nausea and vomiting, periodically vomiting with streaks of blood.

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Almost simultaneously, patients develop a severe allergic reaction such as urticaria, toxic-allergic edema, and others. Often, the symptoms are accompanied by a temperature reaction, and the fever can be high - over 38º. A reverse (or retrograde) drift of larvae from the stomach into the esophagus and pharynx is also possible, in which case patients are worried about coughing, sore throat, and sometimes soreness behind the sternum.